SIBYLLE.LIFE is a curated series of stories from around the world, dedicated to beauty in all its forms.

Here you’ll find subjective views on artistic and artisanal production, inspirational fashion, sophisticated shops, unforgettable travel experiences, and remarkable individuals. is by and for creative, discerning, globally-minded spirits, fiercely driven by a love of life and living.

Meet Sibylle

Hailing from the port city of Hamburg in northern Germany, I was born with an innate sense of leaving the harbor. As another Hamburg native, Karl Lagerfeld, once put it: “Hamburg is the door to the world—but one has to go beyond it!”

While I didn’t get beyond that door until I was seventeen, the people and places and the stories I encounter during my travels are a constant source of inspiration. From the dramatic waters of Southern California—my home away from home—to my passionate friends in fashion and design, these stories also enrich my work at the intersection of urban planning, architecture, and communications through my company, Ocean10.

As a devout lifestyle enthusiast, for me it’s about achieving a balance between the discipline of work and the joy of discovery. Intrinsic beauty and quality are important tenets in my life, while taste has always been relative.

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