A Spiritual Encounter

Two friends on a very special journey

“I’m going to Burma. Would you like to come?”

Ten days later, we were on a plane heading for Mandalay. Trips to Yangon (formally “Rangoon”), Inle Lake, Bagan, monasteries, and lacquer factories were on our itinerary, but our first stop was a huge compound filled with golden temples, where we’d learn about a special brand of astrological Buddhism practiced in this part of the world.

As we marveled at statues and monolithic structures in Yangon, a local woman asked us if we knew who we were—according to the zodiac and our birth dates.

“You are the Leo, a mystic lion,” she said to my companion. “And you,” she said to me, “are the Nadja. A magic blend of serpent and dragon. Together, you are special friends. You will not live together, but you will always be there for each other when you need it most. This will be so forever.”

On the outside, the Leo and Nadja could not appear any more opposite. One was tall and slender, the other short and curvy. One had bright green eyes, fair skin, and light hair, while the other was dark like her gypsy ancestors. One was loud and brash, while the other was calm and poised.

But on the inside, these creatures were already comrades in exploration. They were pioneers in search of a deeper connection—to what, neither of them knew.