Andreas Murkudis

Aesthetics of a retail connoisseur

Art historian turned Berlin retail institution. Refined collector. Luxurious modesty. Curated substance. The allure of minimalism. Connoisseur’s heaven. Retail zen. Everything brilliant existing in Berlin and available for sale.

Berlin is about contrasts. Inherent, radical contrasts of its own world-changing history until today, when fundamental European questions of the shared future are approached with Germany and Berlin’s historic collective experiences of accomplishment and failure, division and reunification, love and hate.

Andreas Murkudis’s family was forced to flee because of political oppression, from Greek farmland countryside to communist Dresden in the mid-60s, ending up in West Berlin in 1974. It was there, as teenagers, that Andreas and his brother Kostas discovered a brand new Western life.

Having studied art history in profound appreciation, and demonstrating a keen eye for special premises and presentation, Andreas opened his personal “museum store for purveyors of meaningful finer things” in the ’90s, in Berlin’s Mitte, in a formerly defunct courtyard space.

After many “followers” leading to the commercial gentrification of Mitte, Andreas moved on in 2011, into an iconic industrial newspaper printing factory in West Berlin. Again, it was a fairly run down, predominantly minority residential neighborhood. Today, Potsdamer Strasse 81e is a must-see Berlin retail destination, surrounded by well-known art galleries.

What do you consider to be the most important criteria for a clothing retail location when opening a new store?

Andreas Murkudis: “This is really difficult to answer. Mainly I listen to my instincts. To me it is very important when I walk inside a place, a certain space, that I feel: this is it! All the rest are always unknown factors. Like in all matters in life—you never know what will happen, but if the space feels truly right, if you feel it, then it fits. This is the only important thing—and the rest will follow.”

Certified by international trend scout friends, Andreas Murkudis counts among the top 10 independent luxury stores worldwide, in line with Mameg of Beverly Hills, Dover Street Market of London (New York & Tokyo), or A’maree’s of Newport Beach, to name a few.

Off the top of your head, what do you see as the most highly desirable items for FW2015?

Andreas Murkudis:

  • Dusan cashmere coat

  • Twin Set / Kostas Murkudis for Pringle

  • Travel Kit / in exclusive cooperation of Aesop, Andreas Murkudis, & Isaac Reina

  • Isaac Reina / Silver leather goods

  • Shinola / Bike
  • Neri Firenze / Women’s Boots

  • Samuel Gassmann / Double Ring

The modest presentation of highly regarded luxury brands, avant-garde design, exquisitely crafted products, and a wide, accessible range of fine objects for all ages—set in the striking premises—this contrasting combination makes Andreas Murkudis one of a kind. It soothingly sets his store apart. It’s almost like entering a sacred, therapeutic temple, to open the doors and leave the hectic, urban world outside.